Our broad range of solar power and backup energy solutions deliver cost effective and sustainable power alternatives for better business continuity and a greener future.

Katlego Solutions is committed to working with South Africa and Africa in implementing more sustainable and renewable energy solutions. Our desire for a more conscious and informed market place drives our passion when designing and implementing solutions that reverse the negatives of certain current energy solutions and the ever increasing costs and unreliability thereof.

We partner with businesses and organisations that see the future of energy as we do and who want to:

Our professional teams will ensure that your energy needs are effectively assessed and fulfilled, as well as assist in how these will be connected, integrated and leveraged for better business performance. We deliver a complete turn-key solution and supplement this with ongoing support and upgrade options.

Your energy solution can also benefit from our tailored Financial Services. No more having to find capital expenditure, you simply manage your operating budget and enjoy your vision of a more sustainable and efficient power supply.

Our Energy Partners

Our Solutions

Grid-Tied Energy

Our scalable solar powered energy solutions enable your business to perform better whilst reducing electricity costs and reducing your carbon footprint.

A grid-tied energy solution is generally a combination of solar panels and a grid-tied solar inverter. As the name suggests, a grid-tied solar system requires a utility electrical connection to operate. The primary benefit of such a system is to reduce your organisations’ electrical bill rather than to provide backup power.

Our systems include the ability to export power to the utility grid where possible/acceptable. 

Back-Up Energy

Reliable power supply should be a minimum for any business.

In today’s ever changing environment your business needs a reliable power supply. Our back-up energy solutions for business are scalable, reliable and cost effective. We provide a range of generator and battery-based back-up solutions that suit various applications and budgets, including ‘plug & play’ (UPS), SME, enterprise, industrial and farming.

Our back-up solutions comprise various technology components, including:

Off-Grid Energy

Our scalable solar powered energy solutions make off grid energy operations a real possibility. Once an expensive technology, solar panels are today far more affordable and more effective, meaning that we are now able to generate power at a cost lower than the national grid.

Weather conditions in South Africa and Africa also greatly favour solar solutions, offering the opportunity to remove reliance on the grid, whilst reducing costs and your carbon footprint.

Off-Grid power supplies are the new world trend as they are less offensive to our environment and cheaper than power supplied by the cities power stations.

Power delivered through photo-voltaic solar panels or wind turbines is dramatically cheaper as well as more reliable. Using the resources given to us at the dawn of man has become our way to live sustainably. This energy can be stored in many ways, either hydro electrically or through 21st century battery technology.

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