3D Print Solutions for Your Company in South Africa

3D printing offers a smart and more affordable solution to small- to medium-scale manufacturing and has been implemented in various industries as a result of its benefits. When your company requires smart and efficient 3D print solutions in South Africa, Katlego Solutions is your answer! We can assist with printing management, project management, and the supply of 3D printing consumables and hardware to meet your business needs.

What is 3D Printing?

3D printing can be described as additive layering to construct a 3D model that is based on a digital CAD model, using various printing materials that include resin and, more recently, various metallic alloys. A 3D printer utilises the dimensions and metric data of a CAD model to manufacture a 3D model by laying down the printing material on a layer-to-layer basis and combining the layers to create a single representation of that specific CAD model. Therefore, it is pivotal to understand the workings of a 3D printer – and all its requirements – when your business wants to take advantage of this ground-breaking technology.

What Do I Need for a Successful 3D Print Project?

As with any other printer, 3D printers utilise printing materials to create the 3D models. Therefore, you require resin, filament, and software for a successful 3D print project. You can also choose Katlego Solutions to take care of it all on your behalf – with expertise and high-quality hardware to ensure that we meet your expectations. Katlego Solutions also offers office printing management solutions to manage your entire office print portfolio for more efficient and streamlined business processes that require printing.

How Can I Utilise 3D Printing for My Business?

Many industries are turning to 3D printing for faster and more affordable small- to medium-scale manufacturing of 3D CAD models. These industries include construction, engineering, architecture, denture design and manufacturing, and toy manufacturing to only name a few. Katlego Solutions can supply your business with all your 3D print needs – with leading brands that include Creality, Flash Forge, and Raise3D. We can also supply your business with all the 3D printing consumables and spare parts for your hardware.

When you need professional 3D print solutions for your business, Katlego Solutions is your all-inclusive answer in South Africa! Feel free to browse our website for details on how we can assist your business and contact us directly to enquire about our 3D printing solutions. Choose Katlego Solutions today as your pathway to success for your business!

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