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Protect your business 24/7 with our vast range of state of the art security and safety solutions.

Every business faces seen and unseen threats, and implementing high-quality security solutions has never been more important. We analyse, design, and implement security solutions that address susceptible areas in your enterprise, and help you to mitigate loss while improving operational performance.

We partner with industry leaders in the security products sector, which allows us to leverage multiple brands and provide tailor-made solutions. With Katlego Solutions as your partner in security, you will have access to:

We extend our capabilities in the security solutions environment through management systems that coordinate the various technology components into a single platform that will integrate your security data with your information management strategy.

Our Security Partners

Our Solutions

Video Surveillance / CCTV

Video surveillance provides just about any business with a variety of advantages. Apart from deterring crime and vandalism, it also promotes the safety of staff and customers.

The data feeds from video surveillance can be integrated with various other Information Management systems supplied by Katlego Solutions.

We can provide end-to-end video surveillance solutions for a variety of applications, including:

We can provide end-to-end surveillance solutions in:

A full range of security cameras that can be integrated and connected to various management, emergency, and monitoring systems while offering the required blend of active and passive features.

An exceptionally powerful, proactive tool that identifies vehicles of interest. It incorporates a comprehensive range of features such as deep learning algorithms that can be connected to various databases.

We have a comprehensive range available, including handheld devices and fixed, or mobile, thermal camera installations.

Intelligent technology that analyses foot traffic to identify hot spots and flow, which improves space planning.

Quickly identify potential bottlenecks and meet challenges proactively.

Traditionally used for space and facility optimisation, counting people on the premises has become a useful tool for pandemic and post-pandemic measures.

Access Control

Access control is often overlooked in many businesses, though it is one aspect that can significantly improve operational efficiency. Access control is not just about controlling or limiting access within your business. It is also a valuable tool when integrated with systems such as those in Human Resources – employee clock-in times, employee attendance, staff-purchasing systems, and emergency evacuation procedures. By automating and streamlining these functions, you will save on time and money.

Ours is a full range of access control systems that can be customised according to your needs and make use of:

Intrusion Detection & Alarms

Network security is always a priority, but physical security will protect valuable on-site assets and is your first line of protection. Alarm and intrusion detection systems offer a major boost to one’s overall security, and enable businesses to detect and deter criminal activity while alerting the relevant resources autonomously. You can even go wireless, and enjoy easy remote configuration and management of these systems.

Our product offerings are modular and cover aspects such as:

Workplace Safety

Safety within the workplace is of the utmost importance as it ensures the welfare and protection of staff and customers alike. It also prevents illness or injury to those within your business, and prevents the loss or damage to assets. In line with our philosophy of offering connected, integrated, and secure solutions, the following are some of the systems that are available as stand-alone services or can be included in your overall security strategy:

Displays which are designed to showcase information for extended periods.

Options such as body temperature screening can be included.

Monitor the safety of assets, employees, and clients on the move.

Assists in guiding clients and employees during emergency procedures.

Systems that assist in the detecting and tracing of fires.

The central nervous system of your building. Monitor and control building systems such as environmental controls, equipment, as well as power management.

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