Our broad range of high quality IP-based voice solutions, together with our secure and effective connectivity solutions, will provide a solid and reliable platform to boost your business productivity and make communication easier and better than ever before.


Katlego Solutions is focussed on connecting all of your business technologies for a more efficient and effective business operation, including your voice communications. Whether you are considering an analogue or digital phone system, or even a hosted solution, we offer a range of voice solutions to suit you requirements.

Our professional teams will ensure that you are connected in a cost-effective and efficient way, without the need for complicated and expensive equipment. The goal is to help you save on your monthly telecommunications expenses, while boosting your business performance.  

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A Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) is a business telephone system that enables companies to connect their business telephone instruments to a public telephone network. This allows all internal and external calls made by the company to be routed through the PABX. Our PABX technology is designed for companies who are looking for unified communications from a system that allows you to connect to traditional lines, VoIP lines, and cellular networks no matter what your last-mile connectivity infrastructure is.

Easy to use, reliable, and feature-rich, our PABX solutions are scalable for any size of business and ensure not only a greater level of efficiency but guaranteed cost savings.

Features such as advanced failover, security, monitoring, and reporting capabilities, an internal firewall and support for TLS and SRTP encryption ensures that your PABX voice solution is reliable, secure and can be integrated into the rest of your voice and data strategy.


Voice communication and the ability to make and receive voice calls are still at the heart of most businesses. In today’s fast-paced digital world, businesses require the ability to communicate clearly and perform at optimal levels. Clear voice communication through desktop handsets, conference facilities, or cordless phones is essential – and we can help.

We are a leading supplier of top-of-the-range VoIP handset solutions (Desk / IP DECT / Headsets) to complement your business operations. Our range of telephone handsets will benefit any size of business and budget, and we have solutions that cater to all office requirements. From receptionists to busy executives, our handsets solutions have proved themselves invaluable time and time again.


Having an IP conference call system in your office environment is a must-have for any business that has the need for multi-participant conversations and meetings. Business IP conference phone systems are essential, and we remain a preferred supplier of the latest in IP conference phone technology. We offer a wide range of conference phone solutions that enable reliable communication, either from a boardroom-style environment, online, or on the move.

Built with the end-user in mind, our conference systems are easy to use and come standard with a range of sophisticated features, which makes them perfect for a business of any size. We guarantee clear call quality because our products are equipped with Noise-Proof technology that allows your team to focus on what’s important – the conversation. We also offer a full range of complimentary products to ensure your conference setup caters to all your requirements.

PABX - Mobile Integration

We can help you implement a fully browser-based, unified communication application with a range of business-critical capabilities. Linkus MS enables you to communicate and collaborate smoothly within, and beyond your organisation. Now you can transform your cell phone into a roaming office device that allows you to be on-call – even while away from your desk.

This application lets users:

Call Centre

Call centres are an important department for organisations that deal with a large client base. They enable customers to have real conversations with businesses via telephone, live chat, or email. It is in these interactions where companies get to give their customers a good brand experience.

As unified communications and technology experts, we understand the complexities of setting up and managing call centre environments. We will assist with the infrastructure required to set you up, from high-speed connectivity to the latest in VoIP services and technology. We can also manage your handsets and headsets requirements. Our aim is to ensure that you’re able to manage all your inbound and outbound calls efficiently.

Business Call Centre systems have evolved as customer demands have become greater, and as a premier office automation company, we offer a wide range of hardware and software call centre solutions that will provide:


We want to help connect you to the world. Optimised connectivity and communication mean you can effectively navigate the business environment of the future. At Katlego Solutions, we specialise in delivering effective connectivity, whether it’s high-speed internet or a fixed wireless connection.  

If you’re looking for connectivity solutions, we can assist you with SD-WAN and MPLS, Fibre, Wireless, LTE, VSAT, Digital Voice Lines, Broadband and Dedicated Internet Access, Point to Point Connections, Hosting and Colocation solutions and Cloud Services.

When looking for a connectivity provider it is important to understand that not all voice, data, and cloud solutions are the same. With so many options available it is critical to ensure you choose a partner that can deliver a solution that suits your specific connectivity needs.

With our wide range of connectivity solutions, we can cater to single-site offices and multiple branch operations across Southern Africa and with certain of our partners, well into Africa.

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Fibre has transformed the global business landscape because of how efficiently it allows data to be transferred. It enables faster, reliable internet access and keeps your online operations going. From scoping the best fibre solution for your business, to implementation and after-service support, we can assist you.


Voice connectivity is a vital part of most organisations’ connectivity requirements. We offer industry-leading voice connectivity services that allow an organisation’s staff and stakeholders to stay connected. Although most modern business environments are geared toward sending and receiving messages and written communication, it will be a long time before we lose the need to have conversations.

Our connectivity services are delivered to the customer’s premises on either an analogue or digital connection. Each telephone line/connection is assigned a unique telephone number that is then associated with the customer’s business. Usually, these lines are delivered to a PABX. So, whether you’re thinking of changing providers, moving from legacy voice to IP, or considering a converged voice service, we will make it simple for you.

Our voice connectivity solutions will provide crystal-clear communication for all staff members, no matter the size or industry of your business. These solutions run the latest leading-edge technology and functionality, providing our clients’ businesses with the professionalism and efficiency they have come to expect from us. By combining our Voice services with our leading-edge PBX systems, your organisation will experience the full benefits of both services.

We consider the following when designing your connectivity solution:


A Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is a virtual WAN service that allows companies to utilise any combination of connectivity services. This includes Wireless, LTE, and Fibre internet services to securely connect users to company resources and internet-based services.

We use a combination of smart routing equipment, branch internet access, and cloud services to connect all branches of your organisation onto a single network. This allows IT administrators to implement corporate policies, monitor usage, and troubleshoot internal IT problems from a central location. Coupled with content filtering and threat management on devices, organisations can also implement processes to support protection of information requirements.

SD-WAN is the natural migration from traditional VPN and MPLS services due to its ability to route and segment data across any internet access, thereby driving down costs. This also allows an organisation to utilise a single connection or multiple connections including redundancy to connect and collaborate with branches across the world, without the requirement for dedicated MPLS lines and centralised internet breakouts.


LTE (Long Term Evolution) or 4G, is the 4th generation of GSM or Mobile technology. Our LTE services are designed to suit businesses with branches in remote, rural, or outlying areas, particularly where Fibre or Microwave services have not yet been deployed. There is currently almost 90% LTE coverage across South Africa, almost guaranteeing that your office will be successful in achieving coverage.

With high data transfer rates, LTE can cater for both voice and data services within a business and allows a branch to trade independently, or form part of a larger SD-WAN network.


Wireless connectivity services are used to deliver internet and voice services to a business, over the air (OTA). The most common examples of wireless connectivity services are GSM, Wi-Fi, Point-to-Point, and Point-to-Multipoint Microwave. Due to the high cost often associated with the roll out of fibre optic cables, wireless connectivity can be a viable option given that it is still capable of delivering high-speed, reliable internet services.

Wireless signals have an extended range, as a result of large areas being covered by a single tower. This means that costs are more easily spread, with more users having access to high-speed internet and quality voice services. Wireless connectivity is also often used as a redundancy or back-up for fibre services.

We have wireless connectivity solutions that cater to all businesses, large or small

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