Information Management

Our Information Management solutions ensure that the right people in the organisation have the correct information when it is needed.

Your data and information are assets. For these assets to create benefits, they have to be utilised in appropriate ways. To make the delivery of useful information viable, data needs to be processed, contextualised, tagged, and analysed. Data must first be interpreted to render information. Information, in turn, has to be understood to emerge as knowledge. This knowledge allows managers to make effective decisions, which lead to innovative actions with meaningful results.

Managing your data and information intelligently is vital. Smart data and information management is core to back-ups, disaster recovery, and business continuity. It is also essential for regulations, compliance, and security – all of which can be met with a good information management strategy.

We supply and support various partner information management systems which we integrate into your environment for improved business performance. Our solutions are available as on-premises, hosted or in the cloud, and can be facilitated using our Financial Services.

Our information management solutions are further extended through our ability to custom-develop and implement front-end web interfaces and back-end analytics and reporting systems.

With the right information management solution, your employees can work anywhere, customers can engage where they please, and information will flow freely across the organisation. All of this while you are still in control of where your data is, who has ownership, and what might happen with it.

Our Information Management Partners

Our Solutions

Document & Content Management

Our Document and Content Information Management solutions enhance the efficiency and productivity of employees by reducing time spent on time-consuming manual tasks and paper-intensive processes. These systems organise, integrate and protect data and content as it flows through business processes across and outside your organisation.

We help you build structured electronic content repositories of your digitised documents, voice files, and video files which you can then simply and securely leverage to their full potential.  

The result is improved productivity, where employees are redirected towards more strategic, rewarding work.

System Features

Quickly and seamlessly capture, organise, archive, and find content.

Automate everyday business processes and drive productivity and user experience.

Connect applications for extended functionality and benefits.

Promote collaboration and simplify information lifecycle management with all your content in one place

An effective Document and Content Management solution should include the following system capabilities:

Print Management

We at Katlego Solutions offer a variety of systems for the management of all your printing, scanning, and other document input and output devices. These solutions are designed to bring the full value of office automation technology, such as multi-functional printers, scanning devices, and large format printers to your business.

Mobile printing and remote management of your print fleet free your employees from their desks. They can now use mobile devices to print crucial documents at the nearest printer, or digitise important paperwork on a multi-function device or scanner, sending it to a mobile device or document management system.

Automated technical services and consumables ordering, and automated information capture and routing, will reduce downtime. Secure digital data storage, on the other hand, allows your employees quick, easy access to your information from anywhere, while ensuring data is securely encrypted and access-controlled.

Our systems are modular in structure and their powerful multi-vendor support allows them to be customised to meet your specific business requirements. Powerful features such as a Universal Driver for all devices, and Follow-Me print capabilities, enable users to operate them easily from anywhere and administrators to support them wherever necessary.

These management systems are often the backbone of a Managed Print Service (MPS) and enable:

Security Management

We supply and support a variety of security and monitoring management systems. The capabilities of these systems can be presented in a single, intuitive platform. From managing individual systems such as video security, access control, security alarms and more, to combining multiple systems under a consolidated solution.

Built over a truly unified architecture, these systems provide connected and interactive applications that enhance your operational efficiency. By tapping into multiple sub-systems, we extend users’ awareness and empower them with optimised management approaches.

Security systems and devices can even be accessed and monitored remotely from a smartphone or tablet. The power to view live images, play back footage and receive notifications remotely keeps users and operators in touch with their business environment, even when they’re away.

Our security management systems offer:

People and property are protected, daily operations are made more efficient, and users of all kinds make smarter decisions when implementing our security management systems.

Voice & Data Management

Thanks to our comprehensive and powerful voice and data management tools, you’ll benefit from a full set of components for infrastructure and device configuration, monitoring, backup, scheduling, security, alerts, quarantine, troubleshooting, downtime resolution, and overall communications management.

With modern-day networks running varying workloads with unpredictable demands, businesses need a next-generation architecture that can scale flexibly to meet these requirements. Our voice and data management systems enhance end-to-end service quality and help improve utilisation of the network resources with features such as prioritisation of different types of traffic; for example, voice, video, and important data applications can be processed preferentially on network devices.

Our Management Systems are classified accordingly:

These systems focus on fault- and event management, performance management, QoS management, network and service testing, network traffic management, customer experience management, and SLA monitoring.

Systems that focus on yield optimisation, service bundling and provisioning, customer usage billing, and billing monitoring.

Along with making day-to-day communications operations more efficient, our information management tools and reports will enable you to better track and achieve your voice and data management goals.

Application Development & Integration Services

We offer various web, mobile and desktop application development services ranging from design to coding, deployment, and evolution.

We also improve application ROI through various integration capabilities which enhance data flows between your applications, delivering improved business performance.

We do it all – we can merge our Information Management solutions with your existing legacy on-premises and newer cloud-based applications, or even assist you with enhancing your existing applications through web interfaces and reporting capabilities.

So, why integrate?

The short answer is that connected systems offer a more comprehensive view of regular business workflows that typically require multiple technology interventions, but ultimately drive revenues.

Most applications, designed at different times and by different vendors, don’t inherently communicate with each other. Our integration solutions enhance the connection between your applications and your enterprise communication mechanisms, thereby eliminating the data silos that slow your processes.

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