Reliable workspace computing solutions to effectively connect, collaborate, secure and store. 

With Information Technology ever-evolving, our team is constantly looking to address the advancing technology curve, whilst always providing more at a lower cost.

We provide high performance and durable computing hardware from the world’s leading brands. Our approach is simple – quality equipment, competitive prices, and exceptional service.

We can partner with you in assessing and fulfilling your computer hardware requirements for servers, networking equipment, computers and storage, as well as assist in how these will be connected, integrated and leveraged for better business performance.

Your computing solution can also benefit from our tailored Financial Services. No more having to find capital expenditure, you simply manage your operating budget and enjoy your vision for future success becoming a reality.

Our Computing Partners

Our Solutions


You want your business to work smarter, faster, and more efficiently. We empower these objectives through a stellar range of end-user computing devices. Top brands, fantastic functionality, and competitive prices are our priority – and you can rely on us to assist you in selecting the right products.

Some of the computing devices and value-added services we provide include:


Future-proofing your business includes incorporating server solutions that are scalable, reliable, and efficient. It’s about more than just hardware – it includes on-site options, hosted solutions, or a hybrid solution if you wish to migrate your business to cloud-based systems.

We ensure harmony between the hardware and software so that your data is easily managed, stored, and protected.


We aim to be your preferred, one-stop shop when it comes to tailored solutions. From various digital products to some of the hardware equipment that streamline your business operations, we do it all. We therefore also source and supply a wide variety of peripheral devices such as:

Cloud Services

“Cloud” in simplified terms offers you the ability to access and use ICT technology on a ‘pay-to-use’ or operational expenditure basis, as opposed to acquiring the technology. Katlego Solutions offers a full suite of cloud services, including infrastructure, platform and software.

The ability to fully capitalise on what the cloud has to offer is critically reliant on the connectivity foundation upon which these services are built. We deliver a range of superior connectivity options, as part of our Communications solutions offering, which leads to our being effective in delivering cloud solutions such as:

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