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Internet and Connectivity Solutions for Your Business in South Africa

We live in a world where businesses heavily rely on internet and connectivity solutions for communications and storage purposes. Digital assets such as client databases and employee information are commonly used because of the ease of access and user-friendly nature of software interfaces in direct comparison to physical documentation. Katlego Solutions offers a comprehensive approach to internet, connectivity, and IT solutions for your business – from fibre and LTE connectivity to hardware supply and installations.

Fibre Connectivity Solutions

Fibre is the new way of connecting to the internet – providing fast and steady connection speeds for your business. In South Africa, some areas have fibre solutions that can deliver up to 1000 Mbps upload and download speeds, which is a significant upgrade from copper lines and wireless connectivity solutions. Fibre lines run underground as well – ensuring that the lines are not exposed to natural elements that could cause erosion over time or be affected by rain. We can assist your business to find the best fibre solution in your area, along with after-service support to keep you connected.

LTE Connectivity Solutions

Some areas in South Africa do not yet have access to fibre, which is where our LTE connectivity solutions come into play. If your business needs an internet connectivity solution for branches in remote, rural, or outlying areas, LTE is your best choice. With about 90% of South Africa currently being covered by LTE, along with high data transfer rates, you can trust that Katlego Solutions can come up with a suitable LTE solution to keep you connected, wherever you are in South Africa.

Wireless Connectivity Solutions

Now that your business has access to the internet, you need a network that complies to your business needs. Wi-Fi networks are the most common solution to ensure that an entire office can gain network and internet access from their desktops, laptops, and smart devices. We can also assist with VOIP solutions to enhance communications and utilise your network for voice calls. As a result, we can meet your business requirements with a tailored solution that is built around your business needs.

Katlego Solutions is your answer to internet connectivity and network solutions for your business in South Africa. For a complete explanation on our services, please browse our website for details. Contact us today if you have any enquiries on how we can get your business connected and optimise your internal networks to allow your business to utilise the internet and wireless connections accordingly.

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