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When your business needs commercial CCTV solutions in South Africa, Katlego Solutions is your first choice! We offer a comprehensive approach to security solutions that include CCTV, access control, alarms, and workplace safety solutions to ensure that your business delivers a safe and thriving environment for both your employees and customers. Today, we will focus on how CCTV can enhance the security of your premises and assist with safety elements within your work environment or place of business.

Security Video Surveillance Solutions

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras are commonly set up to broadcast live video feeds within a closed network to specific monitors for security and safety purposes. CCTV camera can also be used to observe parts of a specific process from a central control room or observation point, which is a common use in industrial plants. The data feeds from CCTV video surveillance can be used with Information Security Management Systems as well – integrated into such systems for optimal security and safety functionality.

The Applications of CCTV Video Surveillance

There are several useful applications for CCTV video surveillance systems, and at Katlego Solutions, we can provide end-to-end solutions for such applications. Thermal sensing and people-counting applications can assist your place of business with pandemic and post-pandemic safety measures – allowing you to keep an accurate headcount and identify abnormally high thermal readings.

Video surveillance can also be useful for identifying and improving various business processes in your facility. With complete and total coverage of your premises, and electronic video storage and access, you can refer to your CCTV footage to assist with disciplinary procedures and assist law enforcement with relevant investigations.

Our End-to-End Video Surveillance Solutions

When it comes to commercial CCTV solutions, we offer a wide range of security cameras that can be connected and integrated into various emergency, management, and monitoring systems. We also offer ANPR solutions that can assist with identifying vehicles of interest – utilising a full range of features that includes deep learning algorithms that are connected to various databases. We can also provide temperature screening equipment and surveillance systems that serve as metal detectors, people counters, and queue monitors.

When your business needs commercial CCTV solutions in South Africa, choose Katlego Solutions today! Feel free to browse our website for details on our available video surveillance solutions or contact us directly to speak to an expert about what your business requires. Elevate the security and safety of your premises with Katlego Solutions on your side!

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