Large-Format 3D Printing Solutions for Your Business

When your company needs large-format 3D printers in South Africa, Katlego Solutions is your supplier! We can also assist with 3D scanners and consumables, along with specialised and production printing solutions to see to your business needs. Several businesses utilise this new format of printing as a manufacturing solution to cut costs and reach a new level of productivity. Today, we will discuss how 3D printing works and how your business can benefit from our printing solutions.

How Does 3D Printing Work?

Large-format 3D printers can be used to produce various products that include niche parts, assemblies, and architectural models that are designed using 3D software such as CAD. This printing process is commonly referred to as additive manufacturing, as the printer deposits, joins, and solidifies the specific printing material on a layer-by-layer basis. Working from a digital 3-dimensional object, the computer uses its accuracy and control to add each layer of the object on a precise method to create a physical representation of the specific digital 3D model.

Which Companies Can Benefit from Large-Format 3D Printers?

If your company works with digital 3D models, large-format 3D printers can be useful for several applications. These printers can also be useful for manufacturing small- to medium-sized products that are made from various types of polymers or plastics. Engineering and architectural applications come to mind as well, with a quick and easy method to produce digital 3D part and architectural CAD models. More businesses around the world are turning to 3D printing solutions, with Hot Wheels being a very good example – utilising 3D printers to manufacture certain toy car models. This style of manufacturing is also used to create and build temporary structures and housing solutions.

How Can Katlego Solutions Assist My Business?

Our range of large-format 3D printers includes leading brands such as HP, Creality, Raise3D, and FlashForge. We also sell desktop 3D printers, as well as 3D scanners to capture and import data to create a digital 3D model on your computer. Whenever you need product and service support, you can trust that our team is on standby to assist you. We can also offer consulting and product management systems to see to the needs of your business.

Katlego Solutions is your all-inclusive answer to large-format 3D printers and scanners in South Africa. Please browse our website for details on how we can assist your business and feel free to contact us directly if you are interested in our services. Join the 3D printing revolution today with Katlego Solutions in your corner.

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