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Your First Choice in Printing Solutions for Your Business in South Africa

Although we live in a digital world where your computer or smart device connects you to the rest of the world, we still rely on various printing methods in the work environment to get the job done. Office printers are constantly used for various applications in the corporate workplace, while production printing allows us to print high-quality banners, photos, and other media. 3D printing is also making a noticeable impact regarding production – allowing us to print 3-dimensional objects from specific materials such as the following filaments: rubber, plastic, and metallic abrasives. No matter your printing needs, Katlego Solutions can deliver an answer for your business in South Africa.

Office Printing Solutions

We offer a wide range of single- and multifunction office printers to suit your business needs, covering monochrome and colour options. Our office printers deliver user-friendly interfaces that can be operated by almost anyone in your office, along with reliable paper handling to ensure that printing operations can run smoothly. You also expect advanced information security from our printers and advanced tools to control running costs for your printers. Our office printers can also include Wi-Fi and cloud connectivity to allow for mobile printing solutions in your workplace.

Production Printing

We offer cut-sheet and digital presses that are available in colour or monochrome options, along with photo printers to ensure that your production quality is optimised.

3D Printing Solutions

When it comes to production and 3D printing solutions, Katlego Solutions offers an all-inclusive range of printers to match your business needs. We offer 3D printers and scanners that range from basic desktop functionality to professional large-format 3D printing solutions.

Printing Consumables

Whether you have a basic monochrome office printer or a complex 3D printer, Katlego Solutions can provide your business with the necessary consumables to keep your printer stocked and ready for another day. Our range of consumables includes paper, ink, and toner, as well as filament and resin consumables for 3D printers. Therefore, you can have the peace of mind that we can be your continual supplier of printers and accommodating consumables for your business.

Katlego Solutions offers a wholistic approach to printing solutions for your business. We can also assist your business with managed printing services to optimise the efficiency and workflow of your printers. Please browse our website for details on our available printing solutions and contact us today if you want to request a quotation or enquire about how we can assist your business. Make the most of your printing operations with Katlego Solutions on your side.

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