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We live in a digital world that sees most large companies rely on digital storage solutions for large databases and records. If you need a business partner that can assist you with digital document and records management, along with document scanning and digitising, Katlego Solutions is your first choice! Today, we talk about the difference that Katlego Solutions can make in your business regarding the development and implementation of digital databases, document scanning, and secure and easy access to your digitised databases.

Our Approach to Document and Content Management

At Katlego Solutions, we aim to simplify and enhance the efficiency of time-consuming manual tasks and paper-intensive processes to increase overall productivity throughout processes that require access to various documents, databases, and content. We can design and implement systems that organise, integrate, and protect content and data when accessed and utilised in various business processes – leading to a more productive and efficient method across your organisation. As part of our business solutions, we can assist your company to build structured electronic content and document repositories to store more than just scanned documents, but also other media that include video and audio recordings.

Document Scanning Solutions

When the paperwork, and the folders containing the paperwork, can stack high enough to reach the ceiling, Katlego Solutions’ document scanning solutions can transform the way your business stores and accesses documents. With a digital repository, you and your employees can simplify any pper-intensive business processes by simply accessing your digital repository and easily find what you are looking for – without the need to sift through thousands of folders that could take several hours of valuable worktime. With our intelligent content capture solutions, your business can seamlessly capture, organise, archive, and search for content, and forget about long hours trying to find a specific document in a heap of folders and file cabinets.

Smart Integration Solutions

When it comes to document and records management, your organisation needs a partner that understands the dynamic of your workplace and how to accordingly integrate document scanning and electronic document repositories in your daily business processes. We also offer app development and implementation solutions to go along with your business needs.

Katlego Solutions is your all-inclusive answer to smart integration solutions – with a complete approach to make your life easier and increase overall productivity for your employees. Feel free to contact us directly if you are interested in our document and records management solutions for your business today!

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