Professional Solutions to CCTV for Businesses

Is your business in need of professional video surveillance solutions? Katlego Solutions can deliver answers to CCTV for businesses in South Africa! The purpose of CCTV is to discourage theft and vandalism and can be used for a plethora of other applications that include business process optimisation and video references. Today, we discuss the functionality of CCTV and the variety of benefits that your business can reap from our CCTV solutions for your business.

What is CCTV?

Closed-circuit television, or CCTV for short, refers to a video surveillance system that operates on a closed circuit – only broadcasting to an internal network as opposed to any external networks and/or devices. The video feed can be captured and stored as well for future references, which can be useful in the event of any criminal activity on your premises. Apart from its primary function, CCTV for businesses can also set your employees’ and clients’ minds at ease when they are on your premises – knowing that everything is recorded and can be referenced to investigate any incidents.

Functions and Benefits of CCTV for Businesses

CCTV for businesses can extend to a larger reach that goes beyond mere observation and incident referencing. Your video surveillance feed can be integrated into various Information Management Systems, that can also be supplied by Katlego Solutions, to ensure complete Information Security compliance. Our selection of CCTV solutions for businesses covers a wide range of useful applications that be applied directly to your video surveillance system. These include:

Temperature Screening: Since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak in 2020, it has become pivotal to create a safe work environment for your employees. Temperature screening functionality can alert you when a person enters the premises that exhibits signs of elevated body temperatures – pointing towards the possibility of them carrying the COVID-19 virus. This useful function can also assist in identifying people with abnormal temperature readings and taking the necessary precautionary action in advance.

People Counting: CCTV for businesses usually include the ability to count the amount of people who enter and leave your premises. This is a useful function in many instances, as businesses can keep track of foot traffic and ensure that the premises do not exceed its recommended capacity. This function can also be applied to ensure that you have the correct number of working employees throughout a regular workday.

When you need professional solutions to CCTV for businesses in South Africa, Katlego Solutions is your first choice! Feel free to browse our website for details on our available solutions and contact us today if you are interested. Reach your goals in 2023 with Katlego Solutions in your corner!

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