Your Answer to CCTV Solutions for Your Business

When your business needs a solution to a professional CCTV setup, Katlego Solutions is your first choice! We offer a comprehensive solution for CCTV for businesses that can provide a range of additional and useful functions and features that can be used to the benefit of your business. Apart from the primary function of discouraging crime and vandalism at your premises, our video surveillance solutions also promote the safety of employees and customers. Today, we talk about how your business can utilise video surveillance and its additional functions to your advantage!

Video Surveillance and Its Advantages

When it comes to CCTV for businesses, the live video feed is linked to a closed-circuit stream that can only be accessed internally. Its primary function is to deter any criminal activity and give your employees alternative viewpoints of the premises. The video footage can also be used for analysis to improve various business processes and find more effective methods of completing various tasks. Alternatively, should a dispute arise within your business, the video surveillance footage can be used as an objective reference to dispute resolution.

Secondary Applications

CCTV for businesses can be enhanced with a plethora of useful features to create a safer workspace for your employees. Thermal sensing allows the video surveillance cameras to pick up on unusually high thermal signatures that could indicate that an employee is a potential danger to their co-workers, especially when considering the COVID-19 virus. A video surveillance system can also ensure that the workspace does not get overcrowded with the assistance of people counting and queue detection. Therefore, your premises will not overflow and be alerted when there is a potential bottleneck about to happen.

A CCTV system for businesses can also be equipped with metal detection functionality – an intelligent addition that can analyse foot traffic and identify any metallic objects to ensure the safety of both employee and customer. Video surveillance systems can also be fitted with ANPR – a truly powerful and proactive addition that assists in vehicle identification. ANPR incorporates a comprehensive range of features that include deep learning algorithms that connect to various databases to inform and identify approaching vehicles of interest.

If you need a professional solution to CCTV for businesses, Katlego Solutions is your first choice! Feel free to browse our website for details on our available services and contact us today with any enquiries. Take control of the security at your premises with a tailored CCTV solution for your business in 2023!

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