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Does your business require an answer to enterprise printing solutions? Katlego Solutions offers a comprehensive approach for your company in South Africa! From office equipment to Managed Print Services (MPS), we can give you a tailored print solution that will not only solve your printing issues, but also elevate your business to a new level of efficiency. Today, we discuss our approach to enterprise printing solutions and what you can expect from our various services for your business.

Office Print Solutions

Although we live in a digital era where most tasks within an office setting are executed digitally, we still rely on office printers for document printing and scanning functions. At Katlego Solutions, our range of office printers includes single- and multifunction monochrome and full colour options to choose from. These printers offer user-friendly interfaces, reliable paper handling, and advanced information security solutions to ensure that your office can take advantage of professional printing solutions. We can also supply your office with the corresponding printing consumables that include a wide range of ink, toner, and paper.

Specialised and Production Print Solutions

As part of our comprehensive range of enterprise printing solutions, Katlego Solutions can assist your business with specialised and production print solutions as well – catering to companies that require high-yield printing solutions and broad paper-handling capabilities. We allow your business complete control over your printing portfolio while giving you the opportunity to save on time and money spent on your printing endeavours. This also ties in with workflow automation solutions and can be a reliable and timely manner to take care of all your printing processes.

Managed Print Services (MPS)

Katlego Solutions can deliver tailored MPS solutions for your business in South Africa. The purpose of an MPS is to reduce costs and improve productivity by contracting a partner to manage your entire print portfolio on your behalf. Katlego Solutions can design, optimise, and manage your print portfolio as a service and deliver an effective MPS through a combination of print hardware, staffing, maintenance, support, and corresponding management systems. As a result, your company can focus on other key elements of your business and let your tailored MPS take care of your entire print portfolio accordingly.

Katlego Solutions is your first choice when it comes to enterprise printing solutions for your business in South Africa! Feel free to browse our website for details on our print solutions and contact us directly with any questions on how we can assist your business today.

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