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When your business needs enterprise printing solutions in South Africa, trust that Katlego Solutions has you covered! We offer a complete range of services to sees to the specific printing needs of your business, including office print equipment, paper and consumables, specialised and production print, and Managed Print Services. As a result, Katlego Solutions can be your all-encompassing solution for all your printing needs in 2023!

Specialised and Production Print

Katlego Solutions is your answer to specialised and production print solutions that cater to businesses that require high yield, volume, and speed. We can supply your business with broad paper-handling capabilities and user-friendly interfaces to maximise your print output. Our solutions give you complete control over your printing endeavours by providing automated workflows, intuitive operations, and smart enterprise printing solutions to elevate your business processes and give you a competitive edge.

Paper and Consumables

Enterprise printing solutions require a reliable supplier for paper and consumables to ensure the continuity of business processes and avoid any delays as a result of running out of paper, ink, or toner. Katlego Solutions can be your supplier of paper and consumables, offering an extensive range of printer and office consumables to supply your printing needs.

Office Equipment

At Katlego Solutions, we pride ourselves in delivering end-to-end business solutions for our clients. As part of our enterprise printing solutions, we can supply your business with office equipment that supports your printing and documentation needs. Our range of office equipment includes document scanners and document shredders to name a few.

3D Printing

3D printing is taking the world by storm – delivering a smart, cost-effective, and more accurate method of small- to medium-scale manufacturing and production. Katlego Solutions offers a sensible range of 3D printers and scanners to give your business the means to take advantage of 3D printing. We also offer wholistic product and service support to assist you with troubleshooting and hardware- and software-related enquiries. When choosing us for enterprise printing solutions, you can rely on us supplying your business with sensible and approachable 3D printing solutions to compete in a modern-day industry.

Katlego Solutions is your comprehensive answer to enterprise printing solutions in South Africa! Please browse our website for details on our available services and feel free to contact us with any enquiries. Take control of your printing processes in 2023 with Katlego Solutions on your side!

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