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When your business needs enterprise printing solutions, Katlego Solutions has you covered in South Africa! We offer a comprehensive approach to managed print services (MPS) to give your business the means to optimise any print-related processes and operations throughout your entire business. MPS can save your business valuable time, resources, and print costs to improve overall productivity. Today, we talk about the functions and benefits of MPS and why your business should consider MPS.

What is MPS?

A managed print service consists of contracting a business partner to manage and run your business’s entire print portfolio and any print-related activities. Katlego Solutions can design, optimise, and run your MPS as a service to deliver solutions through a combination of staffing, print hardware, maintenance support, and corresponding management system integrations to deliver a tailored and cost-effective MPS that works to the benefit of your business. As a result, you only pay for what you need and receive reliable and quality results from all your print-related processes and activities.

Katlego Solutions offers expertise, experience, and ample capacity to leverage your enterprise printing solutions and optimise your MPS by integrating corresponding information management systems and strategies that include document digitisation, digital document and content management, and business process management to work towards information management compliance. These elements can also enhance productivity and streamline various business processes to deliver time-saving solutions for your employees.

Enterprise Printing Solutions – Hardware and Consumables

As part of our comprehensive enterprise printing solutions, we can supply your business with a feasible selection of single- and multi-function printers, as well as consumables to ensure that your office printers are stocked, maintained, and ready for daily usage. We also offer scanners, shredders, and other hardware that relate to printing and scanning processes.

Specialised and Production Printing

Katlego Solutions can assist your business with specialised and production printing solutions as part of our enterprise printing solutions. Specialised and production printing solutions are designed for businesses that require high-yield printing, speed, and broad paper-handling capabilities to optimise your print activities and deliver quality solutions. These solutions will also allow for automated workflows to streamline various printing processes and save valuable time and money.

Katlego Solutions is your first choice when it comes to enterprise printing solutions for your business in South Africa! Please browse our website for details on our available print solutions and feel free to contact us directly with any questions about how we can assist your business in 2023. Elevate your business today with Katlego Solutions in your corner!

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