Your Answer to Professional Corporate CCTV Solutions

If your business requires corporate CCTV solutions, Katlego Solutions is your answer! We offer various video surveillance and CCTV options to ensure that your company can thrive. We can also integrate the data feeds into Information Security Management Systems to deliver a more secure and accessible solution for your business. Video surveillance systems go beyond deterring criminal activities and vandalism by promoting a safer work environment for your employees and customers. With us on your side, your company can take advantage of a tailored video surveillance system that lives up to your requirements.

Our Video Surveillance Solutions

We can provide corporate CCTV solutions to assist your business in various manners. With COVID-19 still having an unmistakeable impact on the way businesses operate in South Africa, thermal sensing and people-counting functions can be invaluable to workplace safety. Your business can also utilise video surveillance to observe, monitor, and improve various business processes. Such a closed-circuit television system also features electronic storage that can assist with legal and disciplinary procedures. Therefore, your business can thrive – with a complete and total coverage of video surveillance on your premises.

Various Video Surveillance Applications

Our approach to corporate CCTV solutions includes a wide range of useful applications for your business. While CCTV offers a full range of security cameras, ANPR can help your business to identify vehicles of interest by using learning algorithms and being connected to various databases. Queue detection technology can assist with identifying potential bottleneck queues, while people counting and temperature screening will give you the tools to operate inn a safer work environment and take the necessary measures to ensure that it stays safe for your employees and customers.

Trust in What You Can See

Video surveillance has evolved into more than just a standardised CCTV broadcast – with several smart technologies that can be layered over the video feeds. With our extensive approach to corporate CCTV solutions, you can trust that we can develop and install a video surveillance system for your business that can do it all. Now your business can benefit from incorporating these useful functions to limit the chances of a COVID-19 outbreak, create a safer workspace, and keep the capacity of people in your premises at safer levels.

Katlego Solutions is your first choice when it comes to corporate CCTV solutions in South Africa. Feel free to browse our website for details on how we can assist your business with video surveillance solutions and contact us today if you are interested in our services. Take advantage of CCTV for your business today!

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