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When you need a supplier of office printers, consumables, and smart solutions for your business, Katlego Solutions is your all-inclusive answer to all your office print needs! We can supply your business with colour or monochrome single- and multifunction printers to meet the needs of your company. We also offer smart office printing management solutions to streamline your printing processes and deliver more efficient methods of office printing. Although everything is going digital in today’s world, there is still a need for office printing, and we can see to all your business needs!

Simplifying Office Print Processes

When working in a large office, it can be challenging to deal with malfunctioning printers and printers that are too complex and complicated to understand and work. Katlego Solutions offers office printers that feature user-friendly interfaces to save valuable time for your employees, as well as reliable paper handing to avoid daily paper jams. Our office printers also feature advanced information security solutions and cost-effective tools to optimise your printing processes. Our multifunction laser printers can also connect to a Wi-Fi network to allow for mobile and wireless printing solutions in your office.

Specialised and Production Print

When your business requires a high-yield office print solution, our specialised and production print solutions can be your answer to fast and broad paper-handling capabilities and various user-friendly features to streamline these processes. Our solutions ensure that you have complete control over your business printing while taking advantage of cost-efficient automated workflows and smart operation solutions for a reliable and trustworthy answer to high-yield office printing for your business.

Managed Print Services (MPS) for My Business

Katlego Solutions offers tailored Managed Print Services for your business – aligning your business with a partner that can run your entire office print portfolio and any other print-related activities. By combining various components such as staffing, the newest print technology, and maintenance and support solutions, you can trust that our MPS will deliver a management system that can benefit your business for years to come.

When your business needs office print solutions, Katlego Solutions is your first choice in South Africa! Whether you need a supplier of office printers and consumables, high-yield printing management, or a comprehensive MPS solution, we have you covered. Feel free to browse our website for details on how we can assist your business and contact us directly to enquire about our office print solutions today. Choose Katlego Solutions as your pathway to success in 2023!

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