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When your business needs a solution to video surveillance, Katlego Solutions is your comprehensive answer in South Africa. We can design and install a custom CCTV system for your business that suits your preferences and serves your specific needs. We can also enhance your video surveillance system with a variety of useful applications and features that can be used to the benefit of your company. In this article, we discuss the functionality of a CCTV system for your business and how you can utilise additional features to your advantage.

Why Should My Business Consider a CCTV System?

Most businesses consider video surveillance to discourage vandalism and criminal activity on their premises. This is a core function of a CCTV system for businesses and comes in handy in areas that have high crime rates. Video surveillance can also be used to create and promote a safer workspace for employees. This is accomplished by utilising live video feeds and identifying dangerous and unsafe work conditions and processes that require attention before any workplace injuries or accidents occur.

A CCTV system for your business has its own data feeds and video feeds that are broadcasted within an internal network. Katlego Solutions can integrate your video surveillance feeds with a variety of information management systems and solutions to ensure that your feeds are protected against any potential internal and external leaks and cyber-attacks. This also ensures that the storage of your video surveillance footage is reliable and can be accurately referenced. You can also utilise your video surveillance system to observe various business processes and identify areas of improvement – giving you the tools to optimise such processes and get better results out of your business.

Additional Functions

A CCTV system for your business can be enhanced with a variety of additional features. These features include temperature screening, which can play a pivotal role in workplace health and safety, as well as people counting and vehicle identification functions. If you have a large storefront, queue detection can be a beneficial function – ensuring that you can avoid large queues from forming in your storefront and redirect foot traffic to avoid crowd build-up at specific areas. These functions are useful for pandemic and post-pandemic protocols as well.

Katlego Solutions is your first choice when it comes to CCTV solutions for your business in South Africa. Feel free to browse our website for details on our available solutions and contact us today if you have any enquiries on how we can assist your business.

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