Your Solution to Office Printing in South Africa

Does your business need office print solutions? Katlego Solutions is your all-inclusive answer in South Africa! We offer a wide range of premium multi- and single-function colour or monochrome printers from leading brands to give your business the means to optimise your office printing processes. We also offer office printing management solutions to transfer your entire printing portfolio to us and let us take care of everything on your behalf.

How Can My Business Benefit from Katlego’s Office Print Solutions?

Katlego Solutions provides a healthy selection of office printers that deliver user-friendly interfaces, reliable paper handling, and advanced information security to ensure that your workplace can benefit from useful and accessible office print functions, controls, and tools. We can also assist in extending the functionality and ROI of multifunction laser printers by installing such a printer as a smart office device that offers Wi-Fi connectivity, cloud connection, and mobile printing solutions. As a result, employees can access and print documents directly from their mobile devices or computers that connect to the Wi-Fi network in your office.

Managed Print Services – Reducing Costs and Improving Productivity

Katlego Solutions offers managed print services (MPS) for businesses by contracting a partner to manage and run your business’s entire print portfolio and any other print-related activities. Our MPS includes design, optimisation, and operation solutions to see to every need that relates to office printing for your business. We design your MPS solutions around incorporating various printing technologies to serve the specific needs of your business, along with employing staff, providing maintenance support, and integrating your MPS into various Management Systems of your business.

With our managed office print services, your business can take advantage of a versatile and cost-efficient solution that ensures that your only pay for what you need and trust that your printing processes are executed in time. Document scanning, or document digitisation, can play a pivotal role in modern businesses. As part of our MPS solutions, we can deliver document scanning and content management solutions that tie in with Information Management strategies for your business.

When you need a business partner to deliver sensible, cost-effective office print solutions, Katlego Solutions is your answer in South Africa! We also offer managed print services, document scanning, and content management solutions for an all-inclusive approach. Please browse our website for details on how we can assist your business and feel free to contact us today with any enquiries. Break though the proverbial ceiling with Katlego as your partner in office print solutions!

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