Backup Power Solutions

Backup Power and Energy Generation Solutions for Your Business in South Africa

South Africans are familiar with loadshedding and power cuts in our country, both of which are detrimental to businesses. Currently, ESKOM is entering a 4th week of continual loadshedding – causing several power failures along the way. Luckily, Katlego Solutions offers business-to-business solutions for backup power and energy generation to ensure that your business can keep on going whenever the utility grid cannot provide electricity.

A Push for “Greener” and More Sustainable Energy Generation in South Africa

South Africa is one of the few remaining countries that rely on coal reserves to generate electricity. With a recent push to turn things around in South Africa, several businesses are turning to alternative, “greener”, and more sustainable solutions when it comes to energy generation. With favourable weather conditions, solar energy is taking the nation by storm. Katlego Solutions can deliver solar backup energy solutions for your business – with scalable solar energy options to suit your business’s energy consumption.

Why Should My Business Consider Backup Solar Energy?

When mentioning solar energy as a backup power solution for a business, the immediate response is that such a project will be too expensive to implement and maintain. At Katlego Solutions, we offer a different approach in the form of a power purchase agreement (PPA). Such an agreement can serve as a simplistic and stress-free method to gain access to a solar energy system service and not worry about operational or maintenance costs. Moreover, this agreement does not require initial CAPEX, delivering a smart and cost-effective solution for backup power for your business!

Our PPAs function as rental or lease agreements for accessing a solar energy system, and we only charge you for the power units that you use – at decreased tariffs in direct comparison to ESKOM. Our solutions include supplying, installing, and maintaining your backup power solution while you take advantage of having an uninterrupted supply of electricity for your business! The term of a PPA can vary between 5 and 20 years, dependent on the size and capacity that your business will require.

Accommodating Backup Power Solutions

Apart from solar energy solutions, Katlego Solutions can also provide your business with generators, batteries, UPS solutions, and invertors to deliver a source of power when the main utility grid fails. Generators can generate backup power and/or charge invertors and batteries to keep the lights on, while UPS devices can ensure that your equipment stays on during a power failure. When you need a business partner for backup power solutions, please contact us today for all your backup energy needs!

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