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The world of energy is turning towards a cleaner and more sustainable approach – utilising renewable and inexhaustible sources to generate energy. If you need a business partner that can supply industrial solar power solutions for your business, Katlego Solutions is your answer! We can assist with grid-tied, backup emergency, and off-grid energy solutions to ensure that the lights stay on and your business does not come to a grinding halt during loadshedding or power cuts.

Utilising the Power of the Sun

Solar power is made possible by using solar panels that convert light energy to electric energy via photovoltaic cells. Solar panels use sunlight as a source to generate direct-current electricity – which can also be converted into alternating-current electricity. By scaling arrays of solar panels to a large enough scale, solar systems can generate more than enough electricity to meet industrial facility requirements. Fortunately, we live in a country with favourable weather conditions when it comes to solar power generation – making such systems feasible for commercial, residential, and industrial applications.

How can Katlego Solutions Assist My Business with Industrial Solar Power?

The first thing that comes to mind when mentioning solar power, is the expensive costs of constructing, installing, and maintaining an industrial solar power system. At Katlego Solutions, we deliver a smart and cost-effective answer to this problem in the form of our Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). Such an agreement serves as a stress-free approach for businesses to contract a solar system service – without worrying about expenses or operating and maintaining costs.

We offer a PPA that is like a rental or lease agreement, except that you only pay for the energy that you use. We also offer energy tariffs that are lower than ESKOM’s current tariffs – giving you the means to run a more cost-effective industrial facility. With 0 CAPEX required, you can enjoy and take advantage of a Katlego Solutions PPA from day 1!

Our PPA contract terms can vary between 5 to 20 years, dependent on the volume of energy usage that is projected for your industrial facility. Such a contract will offer various exit options as well to accommodate situations where the business wants to relocate, or the landlord wishes to sell the premises. Now, your company can take advantage of industrial solar power solutions for a cleaner and more cost-effective approach!

Katlego Solutions is your first choice when you need industrial solar power solutions for your business in South Africa. Please browse our website for details on how we can assist your business or contact us to speak to an expert today!

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