Your First Choice in Business Solar Solutions

Are you looking for sensible business solar solutions in South Africa? Katlego Solutions is your first choice! Our range of energy solutions includes grid-tied, backup, and off-grid option to cater to your business needs. By utilising PV solar panel arrays, energy can be generated to cut your monthly utility costs, have a backup to rely on when the grid fails, or completely go off-grid. As a result, your company can keep the lights on while power failures and loadshedding are underway.

Grid-Tied Solar Systems

When seeking business solar solutions, you want a tailored system that provides the ideal amount of energy generation to suit your needs. A grid-tied solar system is designed to offer a more cost-efficient solution to energy consumption. This system integrates itself to generate energy that is immediately available and consumed – reducing the amount of municipal electricity consumption. Serving as a sound investment, it could save your company valuable money on a yearly basis and reduce your company’s carbon footprint in the process.

Off-Grid Solar Systems

South Africans are directly impacted by continuous loadshedding and power failures, also affecting the bottom line of companies. When it comes to business solar solutions, our off-grid solar solutions offer a feasible alternative to being reliant on the municipal energy supply. It also allows your business to generate and consume energy on a more environmentally friendly manner. On top of that, if you do not want to invest in your own PV solar array, our Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) can serve as a well-suited solution.

A PPA will grant you access to an off-grid business solar solution where your company contracts a solar system service to generate energy for your consumption. This solution is a stress-free method to completely go off-grid and only pay for the units that your company consumes – at a lower rate in comparison to Eskom. This agreement is set up in a manner where 0 CAPEX is required – with the contract terms varying between 5 to 20 years, depending on the projected capacity that will be consumed by your company. The PPA also offers various exit options in the case of relocation or selling the property.

Katlego Solutions is your answer to sensible business solar solutions in South Africa! Feel free to browse our website for details on our services and contact us today with any enquiries. Take advantage of cleaner energy generation today with Katlego Solutions on your side!

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